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Big Bangs – Top 20 Movie Explosions


Here’s a list I made for no reason other than it is fun to see shit blow up real good. I’ll keep my explaining to a minimum and let the fireballs do most of the talking. Continue reading


Second Best – My Favorite Sophomore Films: Part 1

I’ve been working on this list since The Avengers came out and it is finally complete.  (Shut up, I’m busy damn it! It’s done isn’t it?) Anyways, as I noted at the time, the year’s biggest film was also the second feature film Joss Whedon directed. Sure, he’d directed plenty of TV, and a web series, but other than Serenity, not another feature until the massive superhero team-up. So I got to thinking about all the other great sophomore efforts in film history and created this list. Continue reading

Xavier Institute 10-Year Reunion

We are gathered here today to recognize the 10th anniversary of Bryan Singer’s X-Men. It was this very month that the comic book genre was kick-started, ushering in a decade overflowing with billions of dollars worth of attention paid to one of the toughest crowds ever in the history of entertainment: the nerd. Continue reading