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All the Captain’s Men – “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Review


The greatest success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the realization of Captain America on the big screen. Continue reading


The Trouble with Quibbles: The Avengers

[Editor’s note: Unlike Nate & Rosko, I have yet so see The Avengers. As such, in an effort to avoid ginormous spoilers, they’ve used the codename “Swayze” to refer to major plot point without actually giving it away. Beyond that, I would hardly call anything in this Quibble an actual spoiler, but they have highlighted a couple of points where they feel some might complain.]

As we wrap up our Earth’s Mightiest Decade series, Rosko and I finally sit down to discuss what we see as ten years worth of work.  Is The Avengers truly the culmination of everything that has come before it? In the film, Nick Fury finally gathers earth’s mightiest heroes together to form the Avengers and fight Loki’s army. Is it the apex of an era or the next stage in the evolution of comic book adaptation? Rosko and I will try to breakdown the future of Joss Whedon, Walt Disney Pictures, and the ending that will have every geek talking for the next two years Continue reading

The Trouble with Quibbles: Iron Man 2

Last week was a bit slow for us here at Shooting the Script. Bryan’s got his “responsibilities,” with his wife and kids and all. But more importantly, I was sick. And with my really bad cold/sinus infection making it nearly impossible (read: improbable) for me to do anything but sit around watching movies in a Dayquil-fueled coma, not a lot was updated on the site. I blame Bryan.

Fortunately, he made up for it by getting us tickets to a screening of Iron Man 2 that included complimentary cocktails. Somehow, I was able to muster the strength to leave the house and meet Bryan at the screening. And after discovering the perfect combination of sinus medication & tequila, with my homeostasis restored, my enthusiasm about equal to Bryan’s, we were able to enjoy Iron Man 2

Oh, and Bryan’s a lightweight: Continue reading