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All the Captain’s Men – “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Review


The greatest success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the realization of Captain America on the big screen. Continue reading


Bryan’s Top Ten Movies of 2013


Still wondering what the best films of 2013 were? No? Oh…well…here’s my list anyways. Yay! Continue reading

2014 Oscars – Best Foreign Language Film

The Missing Picture

I reviewed The Hunt when it was released. Here’s a look at the other 4 nominees. Continue reading

2014 Oscars – Live Action Shorts


Here are reviews of all 5 nominees for Best Live Action Short. Continue reading

Bloodletting – “Byzantium” Review

GemmaArterton - Byzantium

Dark, mysterious, and achingly dull. Interview With The Vampire Director Neil Jordan’s latest tale of bloodsuckers succeeds at being a sophisticated take on the genre while simultaneously failing to excite. Continue reading

The Trouble with Quibbles: Star Trek Into Darkness


After the massive success of 2009’s reboot, the Enterprise and crew returns for the sequel, Star Trek Into DarknessThis time around a mysterious terrorist is attacking Starfleet and it’s up to Kirk and company to stop him without triggering an all-out war with the Klingons. I was not nearly as entertained with this new film as I was with the reboot. I brought in Trek-nerd Nathan Ayling to discuss why. SPOILERS do indeed follow. Continue reading

Enduring Love – “Before Midnight” Review


I feel happier with this film in the world…in my life. I’d extend that to include Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, the two previous films in this ongoing romantic experiment. Before Midnight is no less essential. Continue reading

Fine Swine – “Upstream Color” Review


Upstream Color is a great movie. Every single frame of the film hooked me. The entire construction is a marvel of ideas and ingenuity. Shane Carruth’s previous picture was the similarly complex Primer. Continue reading

Youth in Revolt – “Something in the Air (Apres Mai)” Review


*The film’s original title is Apres Mai which translates to After May. I only mention this because the version I saw had this title still.

Writer/Director Olivier Assayas’ newest and semi-autobiographical film is a time capsule examination of the allure of politics, art, and youth. Set outside Paris in 1971, the story follows Gilles (newcomer Clement Metayer) as he experiences the tumult of the times while struggling to find his path through them. Gilles is involved in the Youth Liberation Movement. He hands out propaganda, partakes in meetings and demonstrations all while still in High School. Gilles is also an aspiring painter with an interest in filmmaking. He’s a lover not a fighter, but nobody bothered to tell him. He’s at odds with himself as much as the movement he belongs to. Continue reading

Vacant – “Room 237” Review


Room 237 is a feature-length video essay about theories and hidden messages buried inside Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece The Shining. The ideas are presented without commentary from director Rodney Ascher. We hear the people behind the concepts lay out what they think but they’re never seen. What we do see while they blab are either examples from The Shining itself or clips from other films. This compilation of footage is quite impressive on both a technical and a practical level. Continue reading

Artful Dodger – “Trance” Review

186-TRANCE-PS (2).tif

The latest film from Danny Boyle is slick, but it never completely makes up its mind as to whether or not it wants to be sensational fun or aim for higher art. It’s like someone squished together Headhunters, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Inception but left out the shocks, the heart, and a sensible third act. It’s not a total waste. I don’t think any Boyle film is ever without some merit. It’s a disjointed film, which is appropriate considering the hypnosis plot device, but it never commits.

Continue reading

Bryan’s Top Ten Movies of 2012


One of these years I’ll have my top ten list done before spring, but this is not that year. I put together another video for my list this year. So you can watch my list, read it, or both. As usual, I don’t include documentaries and I try to only include films theatrically released during the previous year. Enjoy! Continue reading

2013 Oscar Checklist – The Master List


This madness is almost over (until next year of course). The Oscars are this Sunday and I managed to see every single film nominated. That’s not a humble brag. This whole thing took a lot of time and even more effort. Most importantly, I’m proud to say Shooting the Script has also reviewed all the nominated films…well almost. There are still a few films that slipped by without being reviewed for various reasons. I ran out of time to give them full-length reviews,  so this post will serve two purposes. It will provide links so you can easily find every review of the nominees, and for the few left unchecked, I’ll have a quick capsule review written for them here. Okay, here we go. Continue reading

Hasa Diga – “War Witch” Review


Set in an unnamed African country ravaged by civil war, War Witch tells the story of one girl’s hellish nightmare. Kidnapped by rebels at the start of the film, Komona (Rachel Mwanza) must adapt in order to withstand her brutal surroundings. It seems like every film about Africa is an unhappy toil through third-world tragedies and War Wtich is no exception. Continue reading

2013 Oscar Checklist – Ted & Chasing Ice

Mark Wahlberg-Ted

These two aren’t the most obvious pair, but they’re the only two films nominated for Best Original Song that I haven’t reviewed yet. So there you have it. Continue reading