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Bryan’s 2014 Oscar Predictions


Best Picture is closer than it has been in years, and at the same time many categories have been sewn up since October. Continue reading


Bryan’s 2013 Oscar Predictions


Even after seeing and analyzing all the nominated films, I still have little faith in my predictions. A few of these categories are no brainers, but many remain toss-ups. There have been rule changes and date changes galore, so expect some new precedents to be set Sunday night. This is merely for fun, so feel free to post your own picks in the comments and you can tease me Monday morning. Also, if you are looking for the best awards and festival coverage around, I highly recommend checking out Kris Tapley and Guy Lodge over at In Contention, which is now part of HitFix. Here are my picks: Continue reading

Bryan’s 2012 Oscar Predictions

And time! The awards are this Sunday and I’ve seen everything except for one foreign film that isn’t even out yet. We’ve also reviewed almost everything. What isn’t up before Sunday, I’ll review soon after. Taking a vacation in the middle of this adventure stole away precious obsession fulfilling time. Oh, well. Here are my predictions for what it’s worth (which I’m starting to think seeing everything makes me worse at this part). Continue reading