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Scared Silly: Top 31 Horror Comedies – Part 2

The Halloween celebration continues with six more of my top 31 favorite horror comedies. Continue reading


Rom-Com Methadone: Love & Other Drugs

Ah, the mainstream romantic-comedy, cinematic poster-child for the law of diminishing returns. As time goes by, romantic-comedies seem to get worse and worse. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a matter of ridiculous gimmicks or over-the-top antics or outlandish situations or wacky protagonists. I present exhibit-A: 1938’s Bringing Up Baby, an amazing romantic/screwball comedy and a personal favorite, a story about a man and woman… and her pet cheetah, Baby, and the series of misadventures they find themselves tangled in. Perfect. A romantic comedy that is actually funny, kinda kooky, and, above all, interesting. Continue reading