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Big Bangs – Top 20 Movie Explosions


Here’s a list I made for no reason other than it is fun to see shit blow up real good. I’ll keep my explaining to a minimum and let the fireballs do most of the talking. Continue reading


Missed It By That Much…

[This post is full of spoilers]

Recently I found myself debating my fellow blog contributor (the esteemed Mr. Scott) about the 28 Days Later ending. He is okay with the theatrical version (of course he is), while I most definitely prefer the alternate cut. I am not here to further debate him on the matter (he is wrong anyways), but to present another list, if I may.

You see, it is my contention that the alternate ending is what makes Danny Boyle’s apocalyptic thriller go from great to all-time great, from almost perfect to perfect. Without the alternate ending, the film is still awesome and something I would easily recommend everyone see, but with the more poetic, cinematically satisfying alt take the film reaches another plateau altogether. I no longer recommend it to people with a caveat about the less than stellar ending. Instead, I recommend it with instructions on when to go to the menu screen and watch the film cross the finish line properly. Continue reading