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All the Captain’s Men – “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Review


The greatest success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the realization of Captain America on the big screen. Continue reading


Bryan’s 10 Most Anticipated Films – 2014

Dawn-of-the-Planet-of-the-ApesChances are some amazing film will premiere at some film festival in the next few months that I had no idea existed. There may be studio films yet to be added to the prestige season calendar. Who knows? Release dates change all the time. But this is a list of what has me excited this moment with the knowledge I have now. The fact that 3 films on my list have been seen and widely praised certainly doesn’t hurt. There are of course plenty of other titles that sound promising that are worth mentioning. Continue reading

The Trouble with Quibbles: The Avengers

[Editor’s note: Unlike Nate & Rosko, I have yet so see The Avengers. As such, in an effort to avoid ginormous spoilers, they’ve used the codename “Swayze” to refer to major plot point without actually giving it away. Beyond that, I would hardly call anything in this Quibble an actual spoiler, but they have highlighted a couple of points where they feel some might complain.]

As we wrap up our Earth’s Mightiest Decade series, Rosko and I finally sit down to discuss what we see as ten years worth of work.  Is The Avengers truly the culmination of everything that has come before it? In the film, Nick Fury finally gathers earth’s mightiest heroes together to form the Avengers and fight Loki’s army. Is it the apex of an era or the next stage in the evolution of comic book adaptation? Rosko and I will try to breakdown the future of Joss Whedon, Walt Disney Pictures, and the ending that will have every geek talking for the next two years Continue reading

Earth’s Mightiest Decade – Part 2: Best Casting

Finding actors to play superheroes is one very interesting process. Many of these characters have been around for over half a century and they are iconic images in American culture: Peter Parker’s disheveled nerdiness, Steve Roger’s physique and golden hair, Elektra’s accent. Well, they can’t all be home-runs. Over the last ten years, there have been almost as many missteps as there are triumphs in finding just the right person to embody characters that sometimes defy reality. These are the ten best cast actors and the characters they brought to life. Continue reading

Earth’s Mightiest Decade – Part 1: 10 Years of Hero Worship

Marvel’s The Avengers opens May 4th 2012, a decade and a day after comic book blockbuster Spider-Man opened. After May 3rd, 2002, the following 10 years had every summer packed with comic book to film adaptations. Where the 70s had grim and realistic films dominate the box office, the 80s had cop-oriented high concept action films, and the 90s had all-star romantic comedies, the 00s had mega-budget films about capes and tights. Continue reading

Respawn!!! – Review: X-Men First Class

The Star Wars prequels’ greatest sin wasn’t that they were shitty, but that they were disingenuous. Collectively, they labored–and failed–to force retroactive continuity that never existed in the first place, all under the pretense of explaining why Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side, culminating with that ridiculous, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I bring this up because X-Men: First Class is also a prequel, only it succeeds in many wonderful ways where the Star Wars prequels failed. Continue reading

Opening Weekend: Thunder and Lightening

Only two wide releases this weekend . . . one traditional, light-hearted romantic comedy and one about a bad-ass, hammer-throwing god of thunder . . . guess which one I want to see. Continue reading