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Bryan’s Top Ten Movies of 2014

The last top ten list of 2014…I assume. Being late is what makes it extra special. Continue reading


Top 10 Trailers – 2014

Here are 10 trailers I think deserve special attention as the best of 2014. And I mean 2014. Trailers for films released this year count for next year’s list. Star Wars will have its moment then.

I will once again note that creating trailers is my actual day job. Make of that what you will. Continue reading

Top 20 Posters – 2014

And now a better late than never list. I’ve had very little time to keep the site going, but there are still a few things I want to post, like this list, even in an abbreviated form. So here it is. These are the best posters for films released in 2014. Continue reading