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Bryan’s 2013 Awards


Here’s one final look back at the movies of 2013. I’ve already gone over my top ten movies, my top ten trailers, and my top 20 posters. Now I’m handing out my awards and nominations for the previous year. Continue reading


Bryan’s 2014 Oscar Predictions


Best Picture is closer than it has been in years, and at the same time many categories have been sewn up since October. Continue reading

Top 10 Movies We’re Looking Forward to in 2012

Bryan had an idea (read: he stole it from In Contention) for a collective top 10 list of the movies scheduled for release in 2012 that we here at Shooting the Script are most looking forward to seeing. And though Bryan and I don’t always agree–he thinks the LOTR trilogy counts as one timeless classic, whereas I think it’s three boring films that didn’t age well–I was also interested to see what our gang was looking forward to, and figured you might be too. Continue reading