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Bryan’s 2013 Awards


Here’s one final look back at the movies of 2013. I’ve already gone over my top ten movies, my top ten trailers, and my top 20 posters. Now I’m handing out my awards and nominations for the previous year. Continue reading


Cost of Living – “Blue Jasmine” Review


There should be no reason to tire of greatness, so there is no reason to tire of Woody Allen. When the legendary writer/director makes an excellent movie it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but that doesn’t mean it should go unnoticed either. Perhaps, releasing a new film more or less once a year spoils the audience. He makes high art with seemingly low effort. No matter the history or the work ethic, Blue Jasmine is worthy of your attention and then some. Continue reading

Opening Weekend: Wussies & Warrior Women

Things aren’t looking so hot for guys this weekend. Saoirse Ronan takes on the CIA in Hanna. AnnaSophia Robb overcomes the tragedy of losing an arm in a shark attack and returns to the water in Soul Surfer. Meanwhile, Danny McBride (Your Highness) and Russell Brand (Arthur) each play callow man-children forced into action by their parent’s ultimatums, one of whom get’s their ass kicked by Natalie Portman. Apparently, women mature more quickly than men. Continue reading

Crowe and Scott: A Good Pair

The second week of summer (movie summer) is upon us and with it comes the second major studio release after the highly successful Iron Man 2. I speak, of course, of Robin Hood, the umpteenth attempt at turning the English legend into cinematic gold.  I have yet to see the Errol Flynn version (sue me) but I am a sucker for the Disney, Costner, and Brooks versions.  [Editor’s note: Though it’s not actually a Robin Hood movie, the best Robin Hood I’ve ever seen is John Cleese’s in Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits.] Suffice to say, as much as I enjoy the story, I don’t know how necessary a retelling actually is, though, regardless of my love of Cate Blanchett, the ingredients for something pleasant are, in fact, present. (See what I did there?)  This new Hood comes courtesy of director Ridley Scott and stars one Russell Crowe, two old pros who have achieved cinematic greatness and have now worked together five times. Continue reading