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Big Bangs – Top 20 Movie Explosions


Here’s a list I made for no reason other than it is fun to see shit blow up real good. I’ll keep my explaining to a minimum and let the fireballs do most of the talking. Continue reading


Shame of a Nation: Brandon’s List

We watch what we want to watch when we want to watch it…

…and sometimes we make bad decisions. Choosing to relish in the simple comfort of an Oscar (1991) instead of challenging your simpleton brain with some Hidden Fortress (1958).

We see references to movies like those on this list throughout our culture. They have embedded themselves as icons and in doing so give you a sense of “I get it,” and you have enough information to throw a pithy remark at your house-warming guests. But, in the end you’re cheating yourself because movies that have sunk so deeply into our collective consciousness, by that very fact, are important. Whether you like it or not, they’ve struck a chord in our world and that makes it matter. Continue reading