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Bryan’s 2014 Oscar Predictions


Best Picture is closer than it has been in years, and at the same time many categories have been sewn up since October. Continue reading


Top 10 Trailers – 2013


A lot of strong work this year. Sure sure, plenty of big films continue to paint by numbers with their marketing but sometimes that’s all you need.  Maybe being a little more diverse and toning done the copycat mentality would help but that’s asking a lot of Hollywood. Here are the 10 I think deserve special attention as the standouts of 2013. And I mean 2013. Just trailers for films this year (Wes Anderson can have his day in the sun next year).

I will once again note that creating trailers is my actual day job. Make of that what you will. Continue reading

Top 20 Posters – 2013


December is upon us and that means it’s time to start rolling out the year-end lists. With new films on the way from Scorsese, Jonze, and the Coens, my top ten films of the year will have to wait. In the meantime, I present to you my favorite posters of 2013 (for films released in 2013, sorry Nymph()maniac). Continue reading