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Bryan’s 2014 Awards

Here’s one final look back at the movies of 2014. I’ve already gone over my top ten movies, my top ten trailers, and my top 20 posters. Now I’m handing out my awards and nominations for the previous year. Continue reading


2015 Oscars – Animated Shorts

You may have noticed my output has been rather nonexistent. Well, I don’t think that’s going to change too much.  I’m still planning to post my usual year-end stuff (even though it’s February). Those posts will come soon. In the meantime, I bring you reviews of the Oscar-nominated short films beginning with animation. Continue reading

Bryan’s 2013 Awards


Here’s one final look back at the movies of 2013. I’ve already gone over my top ten movies, my top ten trailers, and my top 20 posters. Now I’m handing out my awards and nominations for the previous year. Continue reading

Bryan’s 2014 Oscar Predictions


Best Picture is closer than it has been in years, and at the same time many categories have been sewn up since October. Continue reading

Bryan’s 2012 Awards

1134604 - Zero Dark Thirty

This is the final look back at 2012. I’ve already gone over my top ten movies, my top ten trailers, and my top 20 posters. Now I’m handing out my awards and nominations Academy Award style. Continue reading

Bryan’s 2013 Oscar Predictions


Even after seeing and analyzing all the nominated films, I still have little faith in my predictions. A few of these categories are no brainers, but many remain toss-ups. There have been rule changes and date changes galore, so expect some new precedents to be set Sunday night. This is merely for fun, so feel free to post your own picks in the comments and you can tease me Monday morning. Also, if you are looking for the best awards and festival coverage around, I highly recommend checking out Kris Tapley and Guy Lodge over at In Contention, which is now part of HitFix. Here are my picks: Continue reading

2013 Oscar Checklist – The Master List


This madness is almost over (until next year of course). The Oscars are this Sunday and I managed to see every single film nominated. That’s not a humble brag. This whole thing took a lot of time and even more effort. Most importantly, I’m proud to say Shooting the Script has also reviewed all the nominated films…well almost. There are still a few films that slipped by without being reviewed for various reasons. I ran out of time to give them full-length reviews,  so this post will serve two purposes. It will provide links so you can easily find every review of the nominees, and for the few left unchecked, I’ll have a quick capsule review written for them here. Okay, here we go. Continue reading

2013 Oscar Checklist – Ted & Chasing Ice

Mark Wahlberg-Ted

These two aren’t the most obvious pair, but they’re the only two films nominated for Best Original Song that I haven’t reviewed yet. So there you have it. Continue reading

2013 Oscar Checklist – Documentary Feature


Here are reviews of all 5 Oscar nominees for Best Documentary. Continue reading

Bryan’s 2012 Oscar Predictions

And time! The awards are this Sunday and I’ve seen everything except for one foreign film that isn’t even out yet. We’ve also reviewed almost everything. What isn’t up before Sunday, I’ll review soon after. Taking a vacation in the middle of this adventure stole away precious obsession fulfilling time. Oh, well. Here are my predictions for what it’s worth (which I’m starting to think seeing everything makes me worse at this part). Continue reading

2012 Oscar Checklist – Part 1: The Links

Just like last year, I’ve decided to drive myself insane. The Oscar nominations have been released and I will once again be attempting to not just see everything nominated, but to provide you good people with reviews of the films as well. This year is going to be rough. Not only do I now have a silly and wonderful third child (who doesn’t like to sleep), but I will be on vacation for a week during prime catch-up time. Why do I attempt something so foolhardy? Because I’m an idiot of course… I mean, shut-up! That’s why! Continue reading

Oscar Checklist – Part 6: Maybe They’re Born With It

We’ve come to the rare category that I hadn’t seen anything from, Best Make-up. The reason for this is two-fold, 2/3 of the nominees weren’t in wide release ’til recently, and one is a widely panned blockbuster from last January (when I was busy catching up on last years nominees). Continue reading

Oscar Checklist – Part 3: Quick Draw

I’m going to come up a little short (eh? eh?) for this part of the checklist. In the interest of my time, energy and sanity, I’m only going over 4 of the 5 animated short nominees. It’s the best I can do for now. I won’t be able to see the fifth short, Let’s Pollute, until it’s on iTunes Feb. 22nd. I would apologize for the oversight, but this is my crazy obsession and I’ll satisfy it however I see fit (read: however I can). This reminds me, anyone with screeners of the foreign films can be my new best friend. I am not joking. On to the shorts! Continue reading

Oscar Checklist – Part 2: Tunes and Toons

Today’s checklist will focus on Animated Feature and Best Song. I bit the bullet and paid my $10.50 to see Country Strong at a second run theater. The things I do for…umm…let’s move on.

Check out reviews for the other two films nominted for Best Song: 127 Hours – “If I Rise” and Toy Story 3 – “We Belong Together.” Continue reading

10 Quick Thoughts on Oscar Nods

I’m sure everyone has heard by now that Academy Award nominations were announced today, so I thought I’d list a few things that I found agreeable and a few I did not. A few notes before I start. This list is mostly for surprises so I’m not going to waste time expounding about Christian Bale’s much deserved first nomination or how mediocre The Kids Are All Right really is because it was widely expected that they would be nominated. Also, I have not seen everything (yet…although I don’t know if I’ll make time for Country Strong), so make of that what you will. If you want the best online awards coverage I suggest you check out In Contention. In the meantime, here are my two cents. Continue reading