What made you decide to write for Shooting the Script?
I was asked! Plus this makes it more legit to spend as much time as I do trolling Netflix.

When you’re not watching movies or writing about movies,
how do you keep yourself occupied?

Writing about lady issues, knitting, working, laying about, reading books,
playing dress up, taking it out and tearing it up, watching TV on DVD.

What movie(s) do you hate with a passion?
Love Letter and Weatherman.

Who are some of your favorite directors?
Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, Henry Selick

What are some of your favorite movies?
Jurassic Park, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Lion King, Zoolander,
Stranger than Fiction, Amelie, The Nightmare Before Christmas,
Peter Pan, The Departed

What are some of your guilty pleasure movies?
Titanic, Snakes on a Plane, Garden State, Finding Neverland, Charlies Angels,
Transformers (maybe I should switch the lists since I clearly have more guilty pleasures…)