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Earth’s Mightiest Decade – Part 6: Predictions

The last ten years have been filled with huge successes and tremendous learning curves. One thing this decade’s audience loves to do is speculate. Let’s do that for a bit. We’ve seen where we’ve been, now let’s think about where we might go. The following list is our top 10 predictions for the decade ahead… Continue reading


Earth’s Mightiest Decade – Part 5: Hypothetical Casting

I think we can all agree that there will be big summer super hero movies for a good long while. There will be an Avengers sequel. There will be yet another Spider-Man. Another era of Batman is around the corner. With so many properties on the horizon, we can’t help but play our favorite game Cast That Hero! In a perfect world, we would see these actors suiting up in the future. We also take a moment to mourn great casting that could have been. Continue reading

Earth’s Mightiest Decade – Part 4: Best Moments

During the last decade, after watching each new superhero teaser or trailer or film, many conversations started with, “Dude, did you see…” We would think about the moments that got our blood pumping, that satisfied an indescribable need for a film to just kick our ass. So, whether they be teasers, trailers, or scenes from films, these are our top 10 best moments from the last decade. Continue reading

Earth’s Mightiest Decade – Part 3: Biggest Disappointments

There’s been a lot of trial and error in the last ten years. In the race to make the biggest superhero blockbusters, Hollywood has also made some real shit. Hollywood has been making westerns for decades, same with comedies and dramas. Comparatively, superheroes are new territory. The following is a list of the greatest disappointments from the decade when superheroes were king. Continue reading

Earth’s Mightiest Decade – Part 2: Best Casting

Finding actors to play superheroes is one very interesting process. Many of these characters have been around for over half a century and they are iconic images in American culture: Peter Parker’s disheveled nerdiness, Steve Roger’s physique and golden hair, Elektra’s accent. Well, they can’t all be home-runs. Over the last ten years, there have been almost as many missteps as there are triumphs in finding just the right person to embody characters that sometimes defy reality. These are the ten best cast actors and the characters they brought to life. Continue reading

Earth’s Mightiest Decade – Part 1: 10 Years of Hero Worship

Marvel’s The Avengers opens May 4th 2012, a decade and a day after comic book blockbuster Spider-Man opened. After May 3rd, 2002, the following 10 years had every summer packed with comic book to film adaptations. Where the 70s had grim and realistic films dominate the box office, the 80s had cop-oriented high concept action films, and the 90s had all-star romantic comedies, the 00s had mega-budget films about capes and tights. Continue reading