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What made you decided to write for Shooting the Script?
I like film and opinions and writing about film and opinions.

When you’re not watching movies or writing about movies,
how do you keep yourself occupied?

I enjoy long walks, sunsets, and creating art. I also work two jobs,
neither of which is very fulfilling, interesting, or important.

What movie(s) do you hate with a passion?
Poorly made big budget blockbusters. Movies based on a book that they
completely change the ending in order to suit whatever lame Hollywood motive.

Who are some of your favorite directors?
Terry Gilliam and Michel Gondry. Also… Guy Ritchie, Steven Spielberg,
Wes Anderson, Alfred Hitchcock, Lynn Ramsey.

What are some of your favorite movies?
The Winter Guest, Breathless, Adrenaline Drive, Jurassic Park.

What are some of your guilty pleasure movies?
Romantic comedies featuring British people… and Jude Law…
romantic comedies featuring a British Jude Law are an unexpected bonus.