Bryan’s 2013 Awards


Here’s one final look back at the movies of 2013. I’ve already gone over my top ten movies, my top ten trailers, and my top 20 posters. Now I’m handing out my awards and nominations for the previous year.

Best Picture:

12 Years a Slave – Winner

The Wolf of Wall Street


Inside Llewyn Davis


It’s not just the best of the year, it’s also the film that hit me the hardest. All 5 are really special.

Best Director:

Steve McQueen12 Years a Slave – Winner

Alfonso Cuarón – Gravity

Martin Scorsese – The Wolf of Wall Street

Spike Jonze – Her

Joel & Ethan Coen – Inside Llewyn Davis

Cuarón certainly impressed by creating his whole film from nothing, but McQueen tackled a tough subject without compromise to create something powerful.

Best Actor:


Chiwetel Ejiofor12 Years a Slave – Winner

Oscar Isaac – Inside Llewyn Davis

Leonardo DiCaprio – The Wolf of Wall Street

Joaquin Phoenix – Her

Tom Hanks – Captain Phillips

Phenomenal performances this year. Chiwetel gets the edge for the infinite sadness he conveys with just his eyes.

Best Actress:


Cate BlanchettBlue Jasmine – Winner

Greta Gerwig – Frances Ha

Brie Larson – Short Term 12

Adèle Exarchopoulos – Blue is the Warmest Color

Sandra Bullock – Gravity

Hard to ignore greatness when it’s sitting right in front of you.

Best Supporting Actor:


James FrancoSpring Breakers – Winner

Jared Leto – Dallas Buyers Club

Michael Fassbender – 12 Years a Slave

Jonah Hill – The Wolf of Wall Street

Matthew McConaughey – The Wolf of Wall Street

Call it a stunt, call it a joke, either way I love it. Unexpected and mesmerizing.

Best Supporting Actress:


Lupita Nyong’o12 Years a Slave – Winner

Sally Hawkins – Blue Jasmine

Margot Robbie – The Wolf of Wall Street

Scarlett Johansson – Her

Amy Adams – Her

I didn’t really think much of the performance at first. By the end it’s impossible to dismiss. Truly heartbreaking.

Best Original Screenplay:


Her – Winner

Frances Ha

The World’s End

Inside Llewyn Davis

Side Effects

High concept that doesn’t settle for easy targets. Sublime.

Best Adapted Screenplay:


The Wolf of Wall Street – Winner

12 Years a Slave

Before Midnight

Captain Phillips

Beyond the Hills

Because it’s awesome!

Best Editing:


12 Years a Slave – Winner

Upstream Color


The Wolf of Wall Street

Blue Jasmine

Part of its power lies in the bold, hard cuts and the other times when it just lingers.

Best Cinematography:


Gravity – Winner


12 Years a Slave

Inside Llewyn Davis

Spring Breakers

It might be virtual, but someone still had to create the lighting and compositions. Without Lubezki I doubt it would have been so impressive.

Best Production Design:


Her – Winner

Inside Llewyn Davis

The Great Gatsby

The Conjuring

12 Years a Slave

Perfect use of existing structures blended with subtle future designs.

Best Original Score:


Gravity – Winner


Upstream Color

Only God Forgives

12 Years a Slave

It almost disappears into the sound design. Eventually goes big, maybe too big, but does exactly what is asked of it.

Best Original Song:


Frozen – “Let it Go” – Winner

Inside Llewyn Davis – “Please Mr. Kennedy”

Her – “The Moon Song”

The Great Gatsby – “Young and Beautiful”

Short Term 12 – “So You Know What It’s Like”

A true showstopper that’s fun and not yet annoying after 100 times hearing it.

Best Costume Design:


The Great Gatsby – Winner

American Hustle



The Wolf of Wall Street

The story demands so many nice things and the film delivers with aplomb.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling:


Evil Dead – Winner

American Hustle

Bad Grandpa

I’m mixed on the film, but damn if it didn’t deliver some impressive gore.

Best Sound Editing:


Gravity – Winner

Captain Phillips

Pacific Rim

All is Lost

Lone Survivor

Tricky task of creating just the right amount of sound in a place where there is none.

Best Sound Mixing:

DF-03156FD.psd DF-03156FD.psd

12 Years a Slave – Winner

Upstream Color


Inside Llewyn Davis

Captain Phillips

I found this closely tied to the editing. Punctuating scenes with overwhelming score or turning it down for plantation sounds. Real creative work.

Best Visual Effects:

Gravity VFX

Gravity – Winner

Pacific Rim

The Great Gatsby


Oz: The Great and Powerful

Because I have eyes.

And once again, I’m gonna go ahead and skip the shorts, docs, foreign and animated feature categories.

The Tally:

12 Years a Slave – 6 Wins – 11 Nominations

Gravity – 4 Wins – 8 Nominations

Her – 2 Wins – 12 Nominations

The Wolf of Wall Street – 1 Wins – 9 Nominations

The Great Gatsby – 1 Wins – 4 Nominations

Blue Jasmine – 1 Win – 3 Nominations

Spring Breakers – 1 Win – 2 Nominations

Frozen – 1 Win – 1 Nomination

Evil Dead – 1 Win – 1 Nomination

Inside Llewyn Davis – 8 Nominations

Captain Phillips – 4 Nominations

Upstream Color – 3 Nominations

Frances Ha – 2 Nominations

Short Term 12 – 2 Nominations

Pacific Rim – 2 Nominations

American Hustle – 2 Nominations

Blue is the Warmest Color – 1 Nomination

Dallas Buyers Club – 1 Nomination

The World’s End – 1 Nomination

Side Effects – 1 Nomination

Before Midnight – 1 Nomination

Beyond the Hills – 1 Nomination

The Conjuring – 1 Nomination

Only God Forgives – 1 Nomination

Stoker – 1 Nomination

Bad Grandpa – 1 Nomination

All is Lost – 1 Nomination

Lone Survivor – 1 Nomination

Elysium – 1 Nomination

Oz: The Great and Powerful – 1 Nomination


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