2012 Fall Preview: 16 That Got Away

It’s that time again. Time to publicly chime in on Bryan’s list of fall releases he can’t wait to see, and to remind him when the Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice fall–September 22nd and December 21st, respectively. It’s also time for me to offer my own list of fall releases I’m interested in seeing.

As for Bryan’s list of 25 films, I’m eager to see 14 of them: Argo, Seven Psychopaths, The Loneliest Planet, Wreck-It Ralph, The Man with the Iron Fists, Flight, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Rust & Bone, Killing Them Softly, Zero Dark Thirty, The Impossible, Django Unchained, and To the Wonder. I’m in no real hurry to see the rest. Specifically… I’ve seen Looper. Cloud Atlas and Life of Pi both look like ginormous CGI cheesefests. As much as I love There Will Be Blood and Boogie Nights, I’m not a PTA devotee and I’m not a fan of Joaquin Phoenix. And I still don’t care about filthy Hobbitses.

So, here are 16 movies I am looking forward to–again, in order of release–which Bryan did not include on his list.

16. Frankenweenie – 10/5

It looks like classic Tim Burton, doing a feature-length homage to my favorite classic Universal Monster. I love the original short. The new feature reminds me a lot of another Burton short, Vincent, which I also love. For me, the trailer says it all.

15. Taken 2 – 10/5

Anyone who isn’t excited about seeing Liam Neeson beating the crap out of the better part of Eastern Europe probably hasn’t seen Taken.

14. The Paperboy – 10/5

The Paperboy looks so pulpy and gritty and sultry, the film itself seems to be sweating. Call it a guilty pleasure, but I can’t wait to see this film.

13. Sinister – 10/12

Because it’s an R-rated horror movie coming out in October that actually looks creepy and isn’t a sequel or prequel or a remake or entirely found footage… and there was much rejoicing.

12. The Sessions – 10/26

Will someone please just give John Hawkes an Oscar already! The Sessions looks quirky and funny and uplifting. Hawkes, William H. Macy, and Helen Hunt all look great.

11. This Must Be the Place – 11/2

Sean Penn playing a retired goth-rocker–like a cross between Robert Smith and Michael Jackson–who decides to avenge his father by hunting down a Nazi war criminal… How do you not want to see that movie?

9. A Late Quartet – 11/2

Christopher Walken… is that enough of a reason? Love Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine Keener too, don’t get me wrong. But, Walken… there’s just something about his speech about going out of tune. Another reason I want to see this might be the same reason some will avoid it, it looks like Woody Allen’s Interiors with the quartet in place of the family.

8. LUV – 11/9

A movie with a strong black cast that doesn’t have Tyler Perry’s name anywhere near it and it kinda reminds of Road to Perdition. Plus, it looks like Common owns this movie.

7. Skyfall – 11/9

Sam Mendes directs a James Bond movie with Javier Bardem as the villain. Sold.

6. Red Dawn – 11/21

I have no good reason I want to see this film… I just do. It looks like big, dumb fun and I love the original in all its paranoid conservative propaganda.

5. Hyde Park on Hudson – 12/7

Bill Murray plays FDR.

4. Les Misérables – 12/14

If this list were in order of my eagerness to see each film, Les Misérables would be #1. I was a theater kid, grew up doing musical theater. Les Mis was the first big show my parents took me to see. And I loved it. Love the story. Love the songs. If you’ve ever been to a cast party, or some other festive gathering of theater folk, and cheered aloud after a pair–or even the whole room–randomly breakout singing “Confrontation,” you, like me, probably can’t wait to see this movie, if only for “Confrontation” between Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. Full disclosure: the trailer alone had me tearing up. Damn you, Tom Hooper, playing my heartstrings like an old fiddle… damn you!

3. This is 40 – 12/21

Even though Knocked Up is a bit long, I always felt like I wanted more scenes with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann… apparently Judd Apatow read my mind.

2. On the Road – 12/21

As much as I want to see On the Road, I’m also extremely wary of this film. My interest in this film is almost entirely predicated on my memory of enjoying the book when I read it a decade ago… so, we’ll see what happens.

1. Tabu – 12/26

I know virtually nothing about this film. It looks gorgeous and quirky, like a sexier Wes Anderson film. Seriously though, the black & white photography looks sublime.

What are you looking forward to seeing?


3 responses to “2012 Fall Preview: 16 That Got Away

  1. SKYFALL … Bardem … yesss!

  2. They’re almost all getting away from me nowadays. I just can’t afford to go to the movies anymore. I’d love to go every week, but with tickets at over $10 each and me with a family of three, we’re lucky to get out of the theater with any change from $50. As a teenager in 1981, I remember sitting all day in the theater and seeing Chariots of Fire 5 times in a row. I’d bankrupt myself if I did that now – and I’d be dead from a heart attack after eating that much fried food and soda. As it is, I reckon I can get to the movies about once every three months, so I have to pick and choose what I see very carefully. Long gone are the days when I can just go to the next film screening ‘on spec’ and not care if it’s a load of rubbish.

  3. Believe I know. I try and be much more discerning in what I see.

    I do manage to see a lot cause I go alone. Kids go to sleep, I go to the movies.

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