MoviePass Review: Wanderlust

Wanderlust is not a Jennifer Aniston movie. Yes, she’s in it, but it’s a far cry from Picture Perfect or The Object of My Affection, which also happens to co-star Paul Rudd. The two names to keep in mind when thinking of Wanderlust are David Wain and Ken Marino; the team behind Role Models and The Ten deliver another wonderfully irreverent comedy.

Aniston and Rudd play Linda and George, an overstressed urbanite couple buried beneath the hectic hustle and bustle of big city life. When George loses his job after they invested all their money in a “micro-loft,” they’re forced to move in with George’s insufferable brother, Rick, in Atlanta. On the way, Linda and George stumble upon Elysium, a commune of nudists and naturalists who seem more in tune with the world around them. Is getting back to nature at Elysium what Linda and George really need, or is it just another distraction to keep them occupied?Continue reading the review on the MoviePass blog→


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