I Heart MoviePass

Yes, there’s a black hole at the center of my heart, consuming space and time, but there are fleeting moments of joy when I truly love and appreciate something. MoviePass is one of those things.

MoviePass is a movie theater subscription service. The easiest way to describe it is: Netflix for movie theaters. You pay a monthly fee, in exchange you can see a movie a day. What’s not to love? If you’ve been listening to The LIST Film Podcast, then you’ve probably heard me gushing about MoviePass at length. And if you haven’t been listening, you should go check out The LIST Film Podcast!

I love MoviePass so much, in fact, that now I’m also writing for the MoviePass Blog. So, some of my reviews and movie musing will be appearing over there, of course I’ll be linking to them right here on Shooting the Script.

So, check out MoviePass and the MoviePass Blog.

And stay tuned for more of the exclusive Shooting the Script content you know and love.


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