Top 10 Movies We’re Looking Forward to in 2012

Bryan had an idea (read: he stole it from In Contention) for a collective top 10 list of the movies scheduled for release in 2012 that we here at Shooting the Script are most looking forward to seeing. And though Bryan and I don’t always agree–he thinks the LOTR trilogy counts as one timeless classic, whereas I think it’s three boring films that didn’t age well–I was also interested to see what our gang was looking forward to, and figured you might be too.

So, after much deliberation, after many emails and chat sessions chock full of chiding and mockery, after some truly shocking revelations, and after implementing the always effective majority-vote, I present to you a list of the top 10 movies mostly everyone at Shooting the Script is looking forward to seeing in 2012… mostly.

10) The Avengers – Dir. Joss Whedon

BRANDON: It will be the first big team superhero movie since their renaissance. It sounds like a lot of fun, but so far it just looks cheap with Marvel’s tight wallets being my biggest fear. I hope Joss and Co. have come up with a suitable large threat to convince me they needed to gather anyone besides a literal god (Thor) to defend Earth. Whedon is this one’s biggest asset.

NATE: In 2008 Sam Jackson showed up in the end credits of Iron Man and planted the seed that we would some day see this film. Four movies later it’s finally here.

KATIE: Finally all the superheroes will be in one movie. Beware the nerdgasm.

ADAM: Avenger’s Assemble!

ROSKO: Look, I every saw one of their goddamn movies in theaters, this better not suck.

AURORA: This is probably gonna be a terrible movie but I’m still totally excited for it.

CHARLOTTE: The only comic books I read as a kid were Batman… I just don’t care about this anymore. But I will see it. For Robert Downey, Jr. and Sam Jackson.

BRYAN: I’m protesting this pick. Not that I’m not curious to see it and not that I won’t. But for some reason, no one else mentioned Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master. I’m a huge PTA fan. I can only hope the reason no one chose it was not cause they prefer comic book movies, but because they were unaware The Master was coming soon. Right? You all feel stupid now, right?

9) Cogan’s Trade – Dir. Andrew Dominik

KATIE: Heists and Pitt and high-stakes poker. I’m all in! (hey-oh!)

ROSKO: I don’t know what this is, BRB. Ok, I’m back. The guy who did Assassination of Jesse James is back?!?!? YES!!!!!!

BRYAN: The last film director and star made was The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford. If you’ve seen that movie then you should want to see this too.

BRANDON: I had forgotten about this movie completely, but Andrew Dominik has had a higher ratio of quality (100%) than any other director on this list and the last time he played with Brad Pitt we got the epic poem that is The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

NATE: I know nothing about this movie. Didn’t know it existed. But now I do and you can be damned sure I’ll be buying a ticket.

AURORA: This means nothing to me.

CHARLOTTE: Alright, I’ll bite. Brad Pitt’s been hitting them out of the park lately, and as tired as the mob/gambling/shoot em up genre can get, every once in a while you get an incredible film out of it. This might very well be one.

ADAM: I’m very interested to see how director Andrew Dominik does gritty neo-noir crime thriller a la Malick-ian tone poem. Another Friends of Eddie Coyle perhaps?

8) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Dir. Peter Jackson

NATE: There were a lot of ways this thing could have turned out bad. No Peter Jackson. No Martin Freeman. No Ian McKellen. They waited and did it right. Hope it makes my must see list in 2013.

AURORA: I like Hobbits, so this is a film I can get behind.

CHARLOTTE: And with this, the LOTR fans can have the closure all of us Harry Potter fans got in 2011.

BRANDON: The recent trailer showed us a LOT more than I would expect for a movie coming out almost a year from now. It displayed a more family friendly tone than how LOTR was pitched, but hearing “Bagginsessssss” brought a chill to my bone.

BRYAN: I’m sure anyone’s anticipation of this is based on how they felt about LOTR. Well I love LOTR so count me in. Plus, I’m curious to see what Jackson does with 3D and 48-fps, hoping that some theater will be projecting at that speed by Christmas.

ROSKO: Screw Australia, NEW ZEALAND is back!

ADAM: While I’m not necessarily only into “hard sci-fi,” I think Roman Debeers said it best: “Dragons? Dragons are fantasy. If there’s magical talismans, or a magic sword, or wizards or fucking crazy not-real animals… all these basic things that break the laws of reality: that shit’s all fantasy. I’m into hard sci-fi. Fantasy is bullshit.” Except for Conan the Barbarian. I like Conan the Barbarian.

KATIE: Hobbits are for virgins.

7) The Great Gatsby – Dir. Baz Luhrmann

ROSKO: Love the book, love the cast, love Baz. However, he’s Australian and adapting THE great American novel. Is that weird to anyone else? Is that racist?

BRANDON: Baz Luhrmann directing another adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald story sounds stale… but, oh, right! It’s in three dimensions! We are at least guaranteed an over-extravagant party scene with Fatboy Slim as Eddie Cantor.

KATIE: Really looking forward to the costumes, the cars, the mansions… Luhrmann can be hit or miss, but at least it will be good looking.

CHARLOTTE: This book has been waiting to be remade for a while. The original movie is great, but too slow-paced for today’s audience and uses the book to make a different social point. I think this version will stick truer to the book.

AURORA: I don’t know about this one. I like the story and I like the director, but something (the casting?) seems off.

BRYAN: I don’t get this one. The cast is good, sure. But I’ve never read the book or seen an adaptation. Am I missing something? You all saw Luhrmann’s Australia right? Well don’t, it’s awful. I’ll see it, but man am I hesitant.

ADAM: This could be amazing or a train-wreck, but either way it will be fantastically so. Thanks Baz Luhrmann! To me, Luhrmann’s stuff is like something from the Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job… only, you know… on accident… and not funny-haha, but funny in the “oh my god, I can’t believe they keep giving you all this money to piss away,” kinda way.

NATE: Not this director. Not this cast. Not in 3D. Like Jay Gatsby himself, I should have just walked away.

6) Lincoln – Dir. Steven Spielberg

Photo: Thomas Hoffman - From the Richmond Times-Dispatch

BRYAN: There are so many names I could list to convey my yearning to see this movie. Just go to IMDb and pick one at random and you’ll see what I mean. But really, really, it all comes down to DANIEL DAY-LEWIS as Abe. Thank you universe.

CHARLOTTE: Well, we’ve run the gamut of interesting political biopics from this century, so let’s find one from the last that fits in with the current political environment of oppression without being blatantly political. Should be a good watch.

NATE: Does anybody else still kind of wish it was Liam Neeson and not Daniel Day-Lewis? Just a little?

BRANDON: The only person who could replace Liam Neeson as Abraham Lincoln and make me more excited is Daniel Day-Lewis.

AURORA: I’m gonna be honest. If I had to see only one Lincoln-based film this year, I’d probably see the vampire one. Even though this one promises to be worlds better.

KATIE: Will probably be an amazing epic, but not as fun as if there had been vampires involved.

ADAM: I’d take Daniel Day-Lewis over vampires any day… now, if it were Daniel Day-Lewis fighting vampires… geekgasm!

ROSKO: The twilight years of Spielberg have been fuckin’ weird, man.

5) Moonrise Kingdom – Dir. Wes Anderson

BRANDON: I’ve never seen a more Wes Anderson-y trailer for a Wes Anderson film, and I couldn’t be happier about it. “Jiminy Cricket, he flew the coop.”

KATIE: Ridiculous adults, twee romance, and the incomparable Bill Murray. Sold.

AURORA: I’m not sure it’s possible to dislike Wes Anderson.

CHARLOTTE: Another of my very favorite directors ever is making another movie. I am so excited for this movie I could scream. It’s a departure cast-wise for him, like The Royal Tenenbaums, which is my favorite movie ever, so this promises to be good. I can’t keep this blurb down if I tell you all the reasons I will see this movie.

BRYAN: At first, all I knew was this was the new Wes Anderson film and yet it was on my list. Now I’ve seen the trailer and I can’t wait. Fantastic Mr. Fox was some of his best work. It looks like he’s found a new groove.

ADAM: If you put Bill Murray in a movie, then I’ll probably see it. That being said, Bruce Willis in a Wes Anderson movie?… I’m almost more interested in seeing the behind the scenes documentary.

ROSKO: I like Wes Andersen, I really, really, do… it’s just I’m not rushing to see his new movies. They are better in 2nd run or older theaters, preferably those that serve pizza and beer.

NATE: My Wes Anderson boner went away years ago.

4) Gravity – Dir. Alfonso Cuarón

The Hubble Telescope photographed from the Shuttle Discovery in 1997 - NASA

NATE: Y Tu Mamá También was my favorite of 2001. Children of Men was my favorite of 2006. Cuarón doing science fiction is my most anticipated of 2012.

KATIE: I’m totally okay with space movies. Everything is scarier and more meaningful in space! My palms are sweating already.

AURORA: I like sci-fi (A LOT), plus I’m super excited for a new film by Cuarón.

CHARLOTTE: I love Alfonso Cuarón, and I love his range, and I am stoked to see what he does with this genre.

BRANDON: Alfonso Cuarón directing Sandra Bullock in an actually interesting movie might be my most anticipated performance of 2012.

BRYAN: Two Cuarón movies made my top 20 of the decade. And now he’s doing a space epic of some sort. I expect lots of long takes and even more awesomeness.

ADAM: I love Cuarón. I love scary movies. And I’m pretty sure this movie is going to terrify me. Outer-space is tied for 1st place on the list of things that terrify me… it’s tied with sharks… the only thing scarier than sharks or outer space… sharks in outer space.

ROSKO: Cuarón is awesome, but I’m just not sure I want to be stuck in space for 2-hours with Sandra Bullock.

3) Prometheus – Dir. Ridley Scott

ADAM: The trailer for Prometheus makes the hair on my arms stand up. Never mind whether it is or isn’t a prequel to Alien (one of my all-time favorite films), on it’s own, Prometheus looks amazing. If the film is half as exciting as the trailer, I’ll be happy.

BRANDON: No one needs to know the origin of Alien’s space jockey, but here we are. Assuming Ridley Scott is smarter than a string of Alien nods, his return to science fiction is far too exciting to pass up.

NATE: The prequel to the most beloved science fiction film. A trailer that has everyone talking. Because this hasn’t come back to bite us in the ass…

KATIE: Great cast and all, but–in direct contrast to my statement above–sci-fi is generally not my cuppa. Am prepared to eat my words.

AURORA: No, really… I like sci-fi (A LOT).

CHARLOTTE: I haven’t paid much attention to Ridley Scott because I haven’t really seen his movies. Ok, movie geek card revoked. That said, there is nothing about this preview I dislike. I really should sit down and get educated, though.

BRYAN: I’m cautiously optimistic about this one. The trailer is pretty neat and the cast is great. FASSBENDER!!! But Ridley has not exactly been on fire lately. Maybe returning to the Alien universe will change that?

ROSKO: The only thing keeping this from being at my top is Damon Lindelof, he’s the only wild card in this.

2) Django Unchained – Dir. Quentin Tarantino

BRANDON: From IMDB: “With the help of his mentor, a slave-turned-bounty hunter sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.” I can only add, Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino

ADAM: I feel like Tarantino has been slowly building up to doing a Western for the last twenty years, like everything has been in conscious, methodical preparation for this. He’s been contemplating a while. This means something.

NATE: Tarantino does an actual western! Not a modern redux, not set in World War II, an actual damned western. I’ve been waiting years for this.

KATIE: Nobody does revenge as well as Tarantino. Can’t wait for bad-ass vengeance, Southern style.

AURORA: One word: Tarantino

BRYAN: Tarantino doing a western. I love Tarantino movies. Oh yeah and DiCaprio is playing a villain for the first time. SQUEE!!!

ROSKO: I have a feeling this is gonna be very violent and vulgar. Excellent.

CHARLOTTE: Oh good, Quentin Tarantino is fussing with history again. And he’s making a movie inspired by and titled after an older film. Now, I liked Inglourious Basterds as much as the next kid, but even Tarantino seems to be scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

1) The Dark Knight Rises – Dir. Christopher Nolan

ADAM: I’m pretty sure Bane is quoting the mission statement for Christopher Nolan’s reboot of the Batman franchise when he says: “When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die.”

BRANDON: Did you like The Dark Knight? Is there any way you’re not seeing The Dark Knight Rises? I didn’t think so.

BRYAN: Three Nolan movies made my top 10 of the decade… and it’s BATMAN!!!!!! And More IMAX!!! Did you see The Dark Knight?? Anticipating doesn’t even begin to cover it.

NATE: The fire rises every day.

KATIE: Wary about Anne Hathaway, but trust in Nolan. Loved, loved, loved the first two.

AURORA: This is probably gonna be too long (like the last one), and all the women will probably be annoying (like the last ones), but I still like me some Batman.

CHARLOTTE: This movie is going to make so much money it will make other countries cry. And I will pay to see it because we all want to know how they are going to handle all the Joker business and give Anne Hathaway a chance not to suck entirely.

ROSKO: Nolan wouldn’t let us down now, right?… right?…

And those are just some of the movies we agree on.

What movies are you looking forward to this year?


8 responses to “Top 10 Movies We’re Looking Forward to in 2012

  1. I still protest that The Hunger Games isn’t on this list. One more reason to hate hobbits.

  2. I don’t know how this list looks the way it does when it sounds like half of everyone disagrees with everything that’s on it.

    And I do want to see Hunger Games…just not as bad as you. Maybe cause the possibility of them being terrible is far higher than in other cases?

    • Yeah, compiling everything was really weird. Lot’s of folks ragging on the movies that they themselves picked. For example: Nate totally had Prometheus and The Great Gatsby on his list, Charlotte had The Dark Knight Rises, Aurora had The Avengers, Rosko had Lincoln… so, what’s the deal? I feel like we need to reconvene and do another list.

  3. See? We should have stuck with Magic Mike.

    And I’m pretty sure they’re going to ruin the Hunger Games, but it’ll still be better than adapting Twilight. At least this series has action in it.

  4. Or maybe the debate should just continue here?

    Seems obvious already that Katie really wanted Hunger Games and Magic Mike on here, and I of course am stumping for The Master.

  5. Anybody else amused that Brandon and Nate have almost the same opinions? Nobody? It cracks my shit up. I might have to start reading more of these….

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