Fall Preview: 25 Films I Can’t Wait to See #10-6

The end is nigh. We’re down to the top 10 films I can’t wait to see. And we’ve got trailers for all 5 of today’s picks again.

10. Contagion

Release Date:

Steven Soderbergh

Matt Damon
Kate Winslet
Laurence Fishburne
Marion Cotillard
Jude Law

Why: Have you seen the trailer? This looks like Outbreak meets Traffic, which sounds amazing. Matt Damon (on this list a 3rd time) leads a fantastic cast and Soderbergh directs. I expect nothing less than a tense thriller and lots and lots of money spent on Purell afterwards.

9. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Release Date:

Tomas Alfredson

Gary Oldman
Colin Firth
Tom Hardy
Ciaran Hinds
Mark Strong
John Hurt

Why: I am definitely a fan of Let the Right One In, even if I think it is a bit over-hyped. So, I am very curious to see the director’s follow-up. The cast is full of amazing British talent, and I hear tell the main role is something Oldman can parlay into his first Oscar nomination (that’s not a typo, dude has never been invited to the big show). The period spy setting has me interested as well. It’s a genre that has worked well for Carlos and Munich recently.

8. The Ides of March

Release Date:

George Clooney

Ryan Gosling
George Clooney
Paul Giamatti
Philip Seymour Hoffman

Why: I could say it’s about time we had another great political thriller. This one concerning itself with a campaign manager and his charismatic candidate. Or, I could say Clooney is an interesting writer/director. Or, maybe talk about the stellar cast. But really this is all about my unhealthy and unnatural man-crush on Ryan Gosling. It helps that he’s not starring in films that look bad, but I’ve admitted my shame, all I can do now is encourage everyone to share it.

7. Melancholia

Release Date:

Lars Von Trier

Kirsten Dunst
Charlotte Gainsbourg

Why: This is another big Cannes winner, despite the (non)controversy that follows Von Trier around like a black cloud. I only just recently watched the completely unique Dogville and loved it. So I can’t wait to see Von Trier film the end of the world, in a prologue no less. The rest of the story is about two sisters at odds during one of the girl’s wedding, but before the planet Melancholia crashes into Earth. Oh, Mr. Von Trier, can you try to be boring or conventional just once? No? Okay.

6. The Adventures of Tin Tin: Secret of the Unicorn

Release Date:

Steven Spielberg

Jaime Bell
Andy Serkis

Why: I am not familiar with the source material, unlike the rest of the world (it’s akin to Soccer in the U.S.), but this is Spielberg. Even after Indy 4 and the Kingdom of Crappiness, he has my interest. Here he’s trying something new with the much debated motion capture, and the even more heavily debated 3D. He’s got a trio of top-notch British writers, Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim), Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) and Steven Moffat (Dr. Who) and his usual top shelf crew (Michael Kahn, Janusz Kaminski, John Williams). This could be terrible or the start of a wonderful adventure trilogy.

Check back tomorrow for the final five films.


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