Fall Preview: 25 Films I Can’t Wait to See #15-11

Five more movies to check out, and they all have trailers.

15. The Descendants

Release Date:

Alexander Payne

George Clooney

Why: Yet another long absence. I’m going to see this because it is Payne’s first film since the fantastic Sideways. It looks like Payne is working within his wheelhouse, perhaps coaxing another great lead performance from his star. The plot has something to do with Clooney trying to reconnect with his daughters, but Payne gave us Tracy Flick and Miles Raymond, what more needs to be said?

14. Moneyball

Release Date:

Bennet Miller

Brad Pitt
Jonah Hill
Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Why: This one really tries to out prestige J. Edgar. It’s from a screenplay by two Oscar-winning writers Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) and Steven Zaillian (Schindler’s List). It stars the biggest name out there (and underrated actor) Brad Pitt. The director’s last film was nominated for best picture (Capote) and he re-teams with his star Hoffman (who won a deserved Best Actor for the movie). The story is from a best-selling book by the same author who wrote The Blind Side. Now, Capote was solid but not great, and The Blind Side was terrible. But this looks pretty awesome. Both the trailer and the poster look promising and the sabermetrics/baseball/Oakland A’s plot is fascinating. Plus, recent Oscar-winning DP Wally Pfister (Inception) decided to shoot this before moving on to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!!!

13. Carnage

Release Date:

Roman Polanski

Kate Winslet
John C. Reilly
Jodie Foster
Christoph Waltz

Why: Notice a theme? I’m a director whore, and Polanski’s last film was the awesome The Ghost Writer. No, this is not a Spider-Man spin-off. It is based on the Tony award-winning play, God of Carnage, about two sets of parents meeting to discuss their children’s recent behavior. I’m guessing hijinks ensue? I just hope Polanski is on some kind of a role and that the entire stage cast being replaced ends up being a good thing.

12. A Dangerous Method

Release Date:

David Cronenberg

Viggo Mortensen
Michael Fassbender
Keira Knightly

Why: It’s a face-off between Aragorn and Magneto! I mean Freud vs. Jung! I mean sex! Lots of sex! And studying sex! And since Cronenberg is directing, creepy sex! But seriously, the Cronenberg/Mortensen collaboration has been most fruitful so far (A History of Violence, Eastern Promises) and this looks to continue that trend. Plus, Fassbender is my new BFF. I see only good things for his future.

11. The Muppets

Release Date:

James Bobin

Amy Adams
Jason Segel
Chris Cooper
The Muppets
and tons of Cameos

Why: This is pretty simple. I Love The Muppets and I have super-high hopes that this is their glorious return to form. Casting Amy Adams as the lead never hurts. I’ve also been a fan of Segel, who also co-wrote, since the beloved Freaks and Geeks. The director is making his feature debut, but he cut his teeth on the hilarious Flight of the Conchords and Da Ali G Show. The ingredients are looking pretty good on this one.

Check back tomorrow for five more films I’m excited about seeing. And stay tuned all week to get the full list.


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