Opening Weekend: A Change Is Gonna Come

Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman perform the classic Freaky Friday-esque switcheroo. Apes usurp man as the dominant species on the planet. A stray cat alters Miranda July and Hamish Linklater’s entire perspective on life. And I find it fitting that the words to Sam Cooke’s immortal classic ring in my ears. Yes, a change is gonna come . . .

The Change-Up . . . sure, we’ve seen it before, two people on opposite ends of the spectrum switch places and learn a bit about themselves and each other . . . but this time it’s different, cause it’s Ryan Reynolds as the ladies man who switches places with Jason Bateman’s family man . . . hilarity ensues. Ok, it’s nothing new. Reynolds and Bateman are both hilarious, so The Change-Up could be entertaining. However, it’s getting some less than stellar reviews, so I’m in no rush to see it. I’m sure I will see it eventually, but I might wait for DVD.

Then there’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which looks pretty awesome . . . good enough for me to look past Tim Burton’s god-awful Planet of the Apes remake. There’s a lot of buzz around Rise… lately. It’s getting some great reviews, frequently hailed as “surprisingly good.” I’m looking forward to it.

But, I’m really looking forward to Miranda July’s The Future, which opened in limited release July 29th in New York. This weekend it opens in L.A., but it’s still limited, so it might not be easy for everyone to check it out. You may recall that my favorite film of the last decade was July’s debut feature, Me and You and Everyone We Know. The Future looks like more of her wonderfully whimsical exploration of modern times. My money is most-definitely on The Future, probably try to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes as well. What about you?

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