Opening Weekend: Super Fantastic!

This weekend Woody Allen opens up to America a bit more. And some girl named Judy tries to have an awesome summer . . . which I don’t think she can actually manage since her movie opens opposite J.J. Abrams highly anticipated–and seemingly kid-friendly–Super 8.

Let’s cut to the chase.

I have no idea who Judy Moody is, nor do I care. If Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer is even half as annoying as the poster, I foresee throngs of unfortunate parents being carted out of the movie with their brains oozing out of their ears. It looks like the kind of movie that makes me never want to have kids.

And fortunately for me and Woody Allen, I already saw Midnight in Paris when it came out in L.A. in limited release (review is on its way), cause as much as I love his movies, I’ve been oh-so-anxiously awaiting Super-8 . . . with bated-breath.

Just seeing the trailer for Super 8 gives me chills. Every time I see it I feel giddy, bubbling over with fanboy glee. It looks like a movie gift-wrapped just for me. A Spielbergian sci-fi fantasy following a group of movie-loving young kids, that invokes some of my fondest childhood movie memories (namely E.T.), directed by the man who jump-started the Star Trek franchise with some seriously adrenaline-pumping fun. SQUEE!!!

I’ll be seeing Super 8 this weekend. And you should too.


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