Shame of a Nation: Quick Change

Loomis: It’s bad luck just SEEING something like that!

I saw this amazing movie the other night. I was told I would be watching a hilarious–and somewhat rare–Bill Murray  movie. And I can tell you this much, it’s worth putting at the top of your Netflix list.

Quick Change stars Murray, Geena Davis, and Randy Quaid, and also boasts Murray’s sole co-directorial credit. And it is extremely entertaining.

The story is a seemingly simple bank robbery and get away in the heart of America’s “favorite” city: New York. The first 15 minutes pass with good ol’ Bill in a clown costume, executing a fairly brilliant robbery and getting out past the coppers. The movie spends its remaining time constructing a very long hate letter to New York City.

Our three ne’er-do-wells attempt, time after time, to escape the city and make their flight at Newark Airport, having left with plenty of time. All the while, Geena Davis is attempting to find the perfect moment to reveal that she is carrying Murray’s kid in her gut. Quaid, in lovable habit, plays the dunce sidekick. They get robbed. Their car gets rolls off the edge of a bluff. The mob gets involved. Their taxi driver cannot seem to speak enough English to get them to the airport. At one point, the threesome even makes a misguided attempt to ride public transit, which naturally leads them within a hair’s-breadth of the coppers.

Bill Murray in a clown suit is worth it alone. Something else I really loved about Quick Change is that it is 89 minutes long. Remember when movies were less than 90 minutes? Its short running time keeps the movie-makers on their toes and allows for laugh after laugh without exhaustion.

I’m also so pleased to see a movie that spends the bulk of the time talking shit about New York City. Having never been there, I get really tired of movies endlessly touting the benefits of living in the most self-centered city in the world. A lot of movies and television series take moments to poke fun at one bit or another of the many things people hate about the city, but Quick Change puts them all together and rolls them up and shoots them in your face.

Quick Change also has a fantastic array of stars flashing their toothy grins throughout this mad cap adventure. Stanley Tucci, Phil Hartman, and Tony Shalhoub all play hilarious New York stereotypes who add to the protagonist’s endless delays. Watching Quick Change is a fun game of “find the star!” and “oh, yeah I LOOOOOVE that guy!!”  Particularly since a few of these stars have spent so much of their careers to snuggling up to NYC, telling everyone how much they love it.

Have I convinced you yet? Alright, here’s my parting shot:


Watch Quick Change.


One response to “Shame of a Nation: Quick Change

  1. One of my top 10 favorites! Lov Bill Murray! : ) ❤

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