Opening Weekend: Yes and No

This weekend Kristen Wiig and the rest of the bridesmaids show us that girls just wanna have fun. And director Scott Stewart, once again, leads me to question Paul Bettany’s better judgment.

Now, I’m hoping that Bridesmaids opens this weekend and seals Kristen Wiig’s status as a leading lady, cause I kinda love her. I always find her funny and likable. She’s the anti-Katherine Hiegl, if you will. The film looks great. Wiig also co-wrote the script with Annie Mumolo. The hilarious Paul Feig directs. (I’m sorry, but I don’t care what Rotten Tomatoes says about it, I still love Heavyweights.) I’m all for it. A Hangover-esque female-driven raunchy comedy starring Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, and Wendi McLendon-Covey (love me some Reno 911!) . . . yes, please!

Then there’s Priest. But, why? Did the producers of Priest not watch Scott Stewart’s first movie? I did. And after watching the abysmally awful Legion, I wouldn’t hire Stewart to direct an elementary school play . . . hell, I wouldn’t hire him to direct traffic. Sure, Priest has an interesting premise, a dystopian future plagued by vampires. I’m down with that. But why waste a promising story on a special-needs director? He should stick to visual effects and leave the directing to people who understand the basic tenets of storytelling and drama. Priest looks like yet another feature-length commercial for a video game. Which is not to say that it looks like a video game movie or that video game movies are inherently bad, but that Priest doesn’t look like an actual movie, just a bunch of loosely strung together action and effects. A couple of things Priest does have going for it are an interesting cast (including Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Christopher Plummer, Cam Gigandet) and the fact that Stewart didn’t write it. There’s still no way in Hell I’d pay to see Priest.

My money is on Bridesmaids, all the way. I will never spend any money on Priest, morbid curiosity be damned. I want no part of supporting Scott Stewart making movies.


3 responses to “Opening Weekend: Yes and No

  1. Bryan Parrill

    Cam Gigantic is not interesting in anyway and is easily one of the top 5 worst actors working today.

  2. Bryan Parrill

    It’s a horrible name and I refuse to learn how to spell it

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