Oscar Recap

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards are over, and it was a lackluster evening at best. Hathaway and Franco were okay as hosts. She was a little too enthusiastic, spastically applauding and wooing constantly, while Franco looked like he had ten other things on his mind (which he does). It was an interesting experiment, but really all we want is Billy Crystal back with his charm and many zingers. There was only one memorable speech, Melissa Leo brilliantly dropping the F-bomb, but most everything else was rather forgettable.

My predictions were pretty terrible. I went 13 for 24. I don’t think Adam did much better [Editor’s note: I didn’t], so we’ll try harder next year. [Editor’s note: No, I won’t.] The King’s Speech is the worst best picture winner since Crash. Alice in Wonderland might just be the worst film ever to win multiple Oscars. But, all was not lost as Inception raked in 4 awards, tied for most with Speech. The Social Network pulled in 3 and The Fighter 2. I do implore everyone to download Live Action Short winner God of Love from iTunes and thank me later. Overall, there weren’t a lot of surprises. For every “Trent Reznor has an Oscar moment,” there was a Tom Hooper moment to balance it.

I guess watching every nominated film doesn’t help that much. Although, I do have my own (now well-informed) thoughts to share on what was the best from 2010. So, stay tuned for my top ten of 2010 and my list of films that should have been nominated for Oscars, to wash the bad taste left by The King’s Speech from your mouth. [Editor’s note: I liked The King’s Speech.]


2 responses to “Oscar Recap

  1. I think having Billy Crystal back would be a good move. I knew King’s Speech would win, but was surprised that Fincher didn’t win for directing.

  2. What can you do?

    If they’re not going to even nominate the guy for Fight Club or Zodiac, why would they give it to him for The Social Network?

    But yeah, I thought a split might happen as well.

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