10 Quick Thoughts on Oscar Nods

I’m sure everyone has heard by now that Academy Award nominations were announced today, so I thought I’d list a few things that I found agreeable and a few I did not. A few notes before I start. This list is mostly for surprises so I’m not going to waste time expounding about Christian Bale’s much deserved first nomination or how mediocre The Kids Are All Right really is because it was widely expected that they would be nominated. Also, I have not seen everything (yet…although I don’t know if I’ll make time for Country Strong), so make of that what you will. If you want the best online awards coverage I suggest you check out In Contention. In the meantime, here are my two cents.


1. Robert Duvall snubbed. I called this back when I was quibbling with Brandon, so I especially want to rub it in. It would seem he was passed over for Javier Bardem. I’ve yet to see Biutiful and would have preferred Ryan Gosling was here instead, but I still chalk this up as a good thing so long as Brandon was wrong.

2. John Hawkes sneaks in. You might recall that I was not a huge fan of Winter’s Bone but I did really enjoy the acting, especially of the beloved character actor. Not only was his performance deserving but it’s always great to see a lesser known getting some attention. Go Sol!

3. Mila Kunis snubbed. Black Swan is great (I’m still baffled by its breakout success seeing how outre it is). But Kunis is not what makes it great. She’s good but not THAT good, so it’s nice to see her left out.

4. Another Year for screenplay. Out of 10 best pictures only one whiffed on screenplay and that was Black Swan. Again, great movie but not because of its screenplay. This made room for the brilliant Another Year.

5. Exit Through the Gift Shop for doc. It’s been one of the most well received documentaries of the year, but there was some doubt that the off-the-wall piece could make it this far. What with its anonymous director and prankster attitude, but somehow, it made it.


1. Christopher Nolan snubbed… again! This is starting to get comical. The man has been DGA nominated 3 times now, and every time failed to make the academy’s list. I guess The Dark Knight Rises will have to be better than Memento, The Dark Knight, and Inception combined for the Academy to see fit to nominate him… it could happen.

2. Lesley Manville snubbed. I don’t care what category you put her in (I’d prefer Lead Actress), Manville deserved something for her heartbreaking performance in Another Year (see above).

3. Shutter Island snubbed for Cinematography. This one hurts. I actually really like 4/5 of this category but the best was left off the list in favor of The King’s Speech and its obnoxious wide-angle lensing. Robert Richardson can never have too many Oscars.

4. Inception snubbed for Editing. I know Inception was well represented this morning in a lot of Tech categories, but was mind-boggingly missing here. Cutting between 4 different layers of dreamscape seamlessly, yeah, not that impressive.

5. Daft Punk snubbed. The movie was okay, but the score was tremendous. I can only hypothesize some electronic music bias, but Trent Reznor made it so I’m left baffled.

Two more notes. I haven’t seen Dogtooth, but by all accounts it is bat-shit crazy and good and somewhat miraculous that it was nominated.

And interesting that Tron and Tron:Legacy were both snubbed for VFX. This isn’t good or bad, just interesting.

What did you think? What pissed you off most or made you happy?

Also, we’ll be trying to have an Oscar Quibble sometime before Feb. 27 and I plan on having my top ten of 2010 ready that same week, some things to look forward to.

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