Top 10 Trailers – 2010

Think of this as a companion piece to my previous poster list. My top ten movies list is still forthcoming, so in the meantime I’ve compiled the ten previews that stood out this year. I watch a lot of trailers, and wouldn’t you know it, my day job is writing and creating trailers. So, you might say I know what I’m talking about (wow, can’t say that too often). The best trailers stand out from the pack, don’t spoil the movie, and most of all, make you want to see the picture. A few of these have some wonderful copy and structure, but really most of these trailers work so well because of their music selection, wonderful editing, and usually some decent source material.

One note, these are trailers for films released in 2010, so no Tree of Life or Cowboys and Aliens. And just like with the posters, I’ll keep comments to a minimum and let the clips do the talking.

10. Tron: Legacy

It quietly builds the story and then explodes into the less-is-more effects package with Daft Punk’s propulsive music.

9. Animal Kingdom

This is pretty similar to Tron’s trailer. Build up the plot, throw in some powerful copy and bites, then let Air Supply do the rest.

8. Somewhere

It’s almost a short film. It might as well be a music video for The Strokes song with an assist from Phoenix.

7. The Crazies

This is the rare horror trailer that delivers the scares without relying on overbearing sound effects or gore. Good copy, and even though they’re not the first, great use of “Mad World.”

6. Dogtooth

Love when they use music and sound effects from within the movie to cut a trailer out of, like the best trailer from last year. After that, all I can say is WTF. How are you not intrigued after that?

5. Blue Valentine

It’s like that scene was shot just so they could use it for the trailer.

4. Inception – Teaser

The full trailer is good, but honestly unnecessary and used a few bites irritatingly out of context. The teaser had me at “FROM CHRISTOPHER NOLAN” and BRRRWAHHHHHHHHH!

3. True Grit

Coen brothers + Johnny Cash = Yes please

2. The Social Network

It wasn’t enough to just show scenes from the movie. They had to open with an entire thesis before the trailer really begins. Throw in the great Radiohead cover, some of the most quotable dialogue of the year, great copy, and the fantastic crescendo and you’re golden.

1. Black Swan

Not just because there are hints of lesbian shenanigans and Portman self-love (not that those things hurt). It’s so beautiful and haunting, with the music and the final reveal. There’s no way you didn’t want to see this movie just to find out what the fuck was going on.

What was your favorite?

What did I forget?


3 responses to “Top 10 Trailers – 2010

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  2. I loved both the Black Swan and the Inception trailers and I felt those two movies both captured what I had hoped for from the trailer. I saw the Blue Valentine trailer after I had already decided to see the movie, which was good because I saw it in the theater after about 5 other “we’re not going to show you the plot or anything, just random moments and one song all the way through” sorts of trailers. It was boring. But on it’s own? Gorgeous.

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