Top 20 Posters – 2010

It’s almost the end of the year and that can only mean one thing, year-end lists! Hooray! Christmas doesn’t do it for me anymore, but you might have noticed how much I love lists. Unfortunately, Adam and I do not have press passes or DVD screeners (yet), so a legitimate top ten list for 2010 will have to wait until we’ve sufficiently caught up on our viewing. But you know what I have seen… posters. In fact, just about every 2010 film has released a poster, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of them (thank you internet). So unless The Fighter releases something less abysmal in the next two weeks, this list should be definitive.

I went with 20 just so there’s more to look at and I plan on keeping the commentary on the short side. To be clear, these are posters for films released in 2010. I haven’t seen every movie from the posters I’ve picked and the quality of the film had no bearing on my selections. My only real criteria is: “Would this look good framed and hanging on my wall?”

20. Tangled/The Secret of Kells

Kells had a very limited, secret one week run last year, and then a 2010 release, so I think it counts for a tied for 20th this year. I grouped these two because they are very similar and animated films. I like how they tell you everything you need to know by showing very little.

19. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

These are usually pretty generic, and this one even suffers from a sparkly trend. No matter, it’s different enough from the previous 6 Potter’s to let you know that this time they’re on the run and things will be different. (Too bad the movie was just them sitting around whining)

18. I Am Love

Elegant, sophisticated, and smart enough to highlight the film’s best asset…the talented Tilda Swinton.

17. Somewhere

It has a faded quality and sparse layout that suggests a certain ennui that I’m sure the film is going for.

16. Toy Story 3

Really just a grab-bag of all the characters, but it’s just so damn bright and irresistible that I want to jump in and play with my favorite toys.

15. The Town

I’m not crazy about the floating heads at the bottom, but the nuns with guns is such a strange, haunting, and ultimately bad-ass image that I forgive it.

14. Animal Kingdom

It’s a striking juxtaposition. I wish the top image was a little stronger, but you take the two images, the title, and the plain tag “a crime story” and suddenly something simple appears violently complex.

13. Greenberg

Just a splendid and uncomplicated design with a smart-ass sense of humor.

12. I Love You Phillip Morris

It’s joyous and silly and blissfully unrepentant.

11. Another Year

Well-picked quotes that aren’t shoved in your face. There’s some nice color design with a very lovely drawing that incorporates the title and the grand theme of the film that is life.

10. For Colored Girls

Say what you will about Tyler Perry (seriously, go ahead, his films are awful), but his films tend to have at least one good poster. Love the watercolor look dissolving into tears. It’s classier and subtler than any of his movies could ever be.

9. True Grit

It’s just a teaser, but it is so kick-ass. I don’t know if it’s the font or what but the old school wanted poster gimmick is working like gangbusters.

8. The Art of the Steal

Such a creative and non-traditional poster, from the newspaper clippings, to the missing “art” it tells a whole story with a single image.

7. Inception

Not nearly as great as the many The Dark Knight posters, nevertheless, this teaser poster is still pretty nifty and communicates the tone quite nicely. (If only this fan made poster was real)

6. 127 Hours

Clever image, clever tag, and it doesn’t sacrifice for its cleverness.

5. Buried

A rip-off/homage to Vertigo but its germane, eye-catching, and well executed.

4. Rabbit Hole

This is conceptually fascinating. Overflowing with mixed emotions and yet still manages to use the stars’ visages without resorting to floating heads.

3. Let Me In

The whole film is conveyed in one straightforward and bloodstained image. (I also enjoy the tagline from the other posters…“Innocence dies. Abby doesn’t.”)

2. Black Swan

No tag, nothing fancy, just an arresting photo of the film’s star with a shallow depth of field and a virginal background. I’d be thoughtless if I didn’t mention the art-deco/retro international teaser posters which are equally striking. (This one being my favorite)

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Love the comic-book style spelling of the title. Love the tag (Favorite of the year). Love the vibe. Love the solid background. Love the tidy design. Love the hologram version with Cera rocking even harder. (There’s a great poster that was made for an Alamo Drafthouse screening, but I love this one more so I’m treating it like the Inception fan-made poster. By mentioning its existence I’ve done my job.)

I don’t like to do worst lists (especially since most posters are sucky and generic and fall into this category), but I feel a special mention must be made for the Yogi Bear poster… so, so very wrong.

What was your favorite?

Anything strike you as terrible?

Right poster, wrong order?

Let me hear it.


6 responses to “Top 20 Posters – 2010

  1. I think the teaser of Let Me In was better. The dark red may seem like the ad team was gunning for a Twilight comparison, but Chloe Moretz curled in the fetal position was a nice representation of adolescent loneliness and longing.

  2. Great list, it definitely covers most of my favorites.

    I’d add the following to the conversation:

    Predators: I love the stark use of an iconic image

    Creation: Mediocre movie, but a great poster with a fantastic use of blank space to emphasis on precise location in the image

    You’re right on to mention the fantastic Alamo Drafthouse Scott Pilgrim poster, I’d also add alternates to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (Beautiful parallel to the image from the initial Sorcerer’s Stone teaser – and Inception (Love the fractured dimensions of the image –

  3. Joey – I liked that poster a lot too (I mentioned the tag) but I was trying to only pick one per movie and I prefer the snow angel.

    Bernard – Predators would be top 30.
    Creation didn’t do it for me. It was a nice idea that was poorly executed. And in the end made the movie look like something it wasn’t.
    I like a lot of the New Potter marketing and most of the Inception posters…but once again, trying to limit it to one per.

  4. That Yogi Bear poster is amazing because it looks like Yogi is buttfucking Boo Boo. and GREAT THINGS COME IN BEARS. so wrong. ahahahahahahahaha

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