Top Twenty of the Decade #14

Mike: Now put that thing back where it came from or so help me…

14. Monsters, Inc. (2001) – Dir. Pete Docter

For me, Pixar films fall into two categories, there’s Cars and A Bug’s Life, good, solid, but not great, then there’s everything else. Everything else is so good, so funny and so overwhelmingly better than almost anything else out there (especially animated films), that it becomes very hard to quantify. But alas, with a gun to my head, or a top twenty to make, I have to choose Monsters, Inc. and leave off some very special films.

Why this and not the others? Well, they all have great stories, touching moments, beautiful animation, and memorable characters, but this one just makes me laugh more. I mean, it still makes me laugh. I must have watched it ten times before I had kids and twenty more times since, and I still laugh at it.

The whole thing is filled with so many funny one-liners (Did you lose weight, or a limb?), sight gags (the design of every single monster) and great bits of slapstick (Mike doing a back flip on to his groin and, of course, Boo’s not looking). It’s almost embarrassing how much I laugh at this thing. It makes my kids look at me funny.

As an added bonus, the short film attached to it was For The Birds, and that is still my favorite Pixar short. I’d even say the original teaser trailer, the outtakes, and the extra outtakes are also my favorite from Pixar. I even enjoy the sub-par California Adventure ride, just because I get to hear lines from the movie.

I’ve seen this thing so many times I laugh at things that aren’t even jokes. Other films are funny, maybe funnier, but this is funny on top of all the other great things Pixar brings to their projects.

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