Shame of a Nation: Aurora Abides

Here follows ten fine films that I, personally, really should have seen by now. I have encountered them time and time again and have consistently, for no good reason, either put off watching or simply forgot they existed. That is until someone starts talking about how very fab-a-roo [insert film here] is. At which point I default into quiet mood, and then I don’t have to admit that I am so very ignorant when it comes to movies EVERYONE has seen….

North by Northwest — 1959 (dir: Alfred Hitchcock)

This is the film I’m most embarrassed that I’ve never seen. I love Hitchcock. Vertigo is one of my all time favorite movies, and North by Northwest is one of my godfather’s favorites (he has a giant poster in his family room)– this is a man who has expanded much of my cultural horizons. He has a giant closet of films from which I discovered many a fine film and cult classic. It’s just plain silly that I haven’t seen this one.

Young Frankenstein — 1974 (dir: Mel Brooks)

I’ve actually really wanted to see this for a while now but somehow always forget when I’m standing in the video store. (Anecdote: my 14 year-old cousin has seen this film “like four hundred times” but has never seen Star Wars. Make of that what you will.)

Dr. Strangelove— 1964
(dir: Stanley Kubrick)

Caddyshack — 1980 (dir: Harold Ramis)

Both of these are movies my dad really loves, so I grew up thinking they where the lamest things ever. Now that I’m an adult I realize how silly this notion is. They still remind me of Dad movies though. I’ll probably end up watching them with him one o’ these days.

The Big Lebowski 1998 (dir: Joel and Ethan Coen)

This was the first title that came to mind when compiling this list. I was recently in the midst of a conversation about how great it was. Six people who had all seen it, and me. I was too embarrassed to admit I hadn’t, so I just keep quiet — which is a good way to ride out a topic without making an ass of yourself.

Cabaret –1972 (dir: Bob Fosse)

Every time I see some clip or a picture from this I think, “Damn, I’ve gotta see that.” And so far, that hasn’t happened. I’m not sure why. I’ve seen tons of musicals, so it’s not that.

No County for Old Men — 2007
(dir: Joel and Ethan Coen)

This came out when I was still working at a movie theater, so I totally could have seen it for free. It didn’t look too compelling at first, but then my friend told me it was bad ass. I walked in on it and saw a bit where the guy flips a coin for some dudes life. It was pretty mesmerizing. Somehow I just never found the time to see it for free (actually I think I was taking 18 credits and working two jobs at the time, so that coulda been it). Once you miss your opportunity for seeing something free, paying for it is just that much harder, and it tends to slip the mind that much easier.

Casablanca — 1942 (dir: Michael Curtiz)

Easy Rider1969 (dir: Dennis Hopper)

These are two of the many films I learned about via Red Dwarf (my favorite ever television show that I watched obsessively throughout middle school). I’ve seen all the rest: Rebel without a Cause, Dark Star, Aliens, Blade Runner, Pride and Prejudice… These are the last two hold outs. I really have no idea why I have yet to see Easy Rider; I really should have by now. Casablanca I’ve been holding off on mostly because the episode that parodies this is my least favorite. It’s the only episode of Red Dwarf I’ve ever fast forwarded through (ya know, back in the VHS days).

Wild Strawberries — 1957 (dir: Ingmar Bergman)

Well, I love The Seventh Seal, so I’m pretty sure I love Ingmar Bergman. So, I’m pretty sure I’ll love this. As to why I haven’t seen it, I’m really not sure. My brother actually rented it once and I walked through the room a few times and was like, “I need to watch this,” but then I didn’t. Odd.

4 responses to “Shame of a Nation: Aurora Abides

  1. All I’m taking away from this is…What the fuck is Red Dwarf???

  2. Damn it!

  3. WHAT? Red Dwarf is all I care about.

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