Top Twenty of the Decade #17

Bondar: No hay banda!

© 2001 - Universal Pictures

17. Mulholland Drive (2001) – Dir. David Lynch

© 2001 - Universal Pictures

There is no band, and in this brilliantly confusing mystery there isn’t much comprehension either. Every time I think I have this film figured out I notice something else that throws my theory all out of whack.  Entire websites are dedicated to discussing and solving the film’s many mysteries.

But is it any good? You bet.

The only reason I put up with the “What the fuck is going on?” feeling I get while watching this movie is because each scene taken individually is still very intriguing and holds up well, even if you are completely lost.  And, unlike some of Lynch’s other movies, I have a vague idea of what the truth really is.  At least, I think I know what is happening in this movie, more so than Lost Highway (after multiple viewings), which is a good thing.

© 2001 - Universal Pictures

This is also the film that introduced the world to the fantastic Naomi Watts, as well as her penchant for great performances and great nude scenes. (Someone had to say it.) [Editor’s note: Actually, I don’t think it needed to be said.]

Once you get past the mystery and the puzzles and the great lesbian scene, there is still a great story of love lost and found at the heart of this film that really resonates, a story tied to the film’s Hollywood allegory (bright hopes and broken dreams).

© 2001 - Universal Pictures

There’s a lot going on in this film and Mr. Lynch makes the whole thing feel like a hypnotic dream I once had, instead of movie I saw nine years ago.


5 responses to “Top Twenty of the Decade #17

  1. So, I’m a fan of David Lynch movies, and I do really like Mulholland Drive, but I don’t love it. It’s not quite one of my favorite films of the decade, not in my top twenty anyway.

    I don’t mind Lynchian obfuscation. I can deal with random, seemingly dissociated scenes. I relish the moments of menacing macabre. However, I find the damn-near Disney-fied, perkiness-oozing moments from the first half in grating contrast to everything else I like about the film. And I get the intention, but that doesn’t make it anymore enjoyable for me. It’s just painfully sunny.

    Naomi Watts is a fine actress, but in the first half of Mulholland Dr. her character, Betty, is just too bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for my taste, bordering on campy.

    Again, it isn’t my favorite, but it is pretty amazing. And honestly, the thing I find most puzzling about this movie is the fact that Billy Ray Cyrus is in it.

    • Bryan Parrill

      The start is pretty campy and kind of wild and takes awhile to get your bearings. But like I said, It holds up well and gets better with repeat viewings which is one of the top reasons I put it on my list.

      Very few films have that new discovery feeling after multiple screenings.

      Billy Ray just adds to the WTF feeling. Lynch is known for casting musicians (If you could call Cyrus that) in most of his movies. (Sting in Dune).

  2. Nine years ago. Shit. You could make an entire top 20 based on movies that came out in 2001.

    • Bryan Parrill

      Agreed…And I found it rather difficult not to do just that.

      Of the films I left off, the ones from 2001 hurt the most.

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