What Do You Mean “Sold Out?”

I took my son to see How to Train Your Dragon last weekend (check out my review here).  I wanted to save a few bucks and see the matinée for $6 instead of the $11 for a later show.  There are 3 AMC theaters near me and each is pretty much right next to the other, there’s a 16: one of the better theaters in the city, a 6: smaller but still relatively nice, and an 8: in the mall and shitty-ass shitty.

And of course, the only theater playing Dragon in 2D was, you guessed it, the 8.  So I went cheap and decided to put up with the crappy screen, poor image quality, okay sound, and 25-year-old seats that my son isn’t heavy enough to keep from folding into.  As a general rule, mall theaters suck balls.

Look, I liked Avatar a lot, and the 3D was great.  But so far, Avatar is the only film that’s been shot with the all new 3D technology.  All others are fake-D.  Animated films are an exception since the actual image can be altered later.  And I think Coraline was shot in 3D, but not the same as Avatar.

However, I don’t want to shell out the extra bucks every time, especially since I hate wearing the 3D glasses over my prescription glasses.  Furthermore, my son is too young to wear glasses for that long, and frankly he wouldn’t appreciate it, so why waste the extra money?  3D is a nice novelty, once in a while, not an every time thing.  And I shouldn’t have to suffer through a crappier movie-going experience just because I can’t always afford to spend more for the (allegedly) premium one. That’s bullshit, and it’s the studio’s fault for insisting that theaters keep Dragon playing in 3D on as many screens as possible.


3 responses to “What Do You Mean “Sold Out?”

  1. When UNICEF gets into the movie business I’ll let you know.

    I do HATE this 3D craze we’re in.

  2. I wouldn’t mind the 3D craze if they just called it the “Hey, we got you to shell out $16 for a movie” craze. No one has been able to do that on a large scale. Cameron should have won Director and Lifetime Achievment for that.

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