Top 10 Trailers – 2014

Here are 10 trailers I think deserve special attention as the best of 2014. And I mean 2014. Trailers for films released this year count for next year’s list. Star Wars will have its moment then.

I will once again note that creating trailers is my actual day job. Make of that what you will. Continue reading

Top 20 Posters – 2014

And now a better late than never list. I’ve had very little time to keep the site going, but there are still a few things I want to post, like this list, even in an abbreviated form. So here it is. These are the best posters for films released in 2014. Continue reading

2015 Oscars – Documentary Shorts

Here are reviews of all 5 nominees for Best Documentary Short. Continue reading

2015 Oscars – Live Action Shorts

Here are reviews of all 5 nominees for Best Live Action Short. Continue reading

2015 Oscars – Animated Shorts

You may have noticed my output has been rather nonexistent. Well, I don’t think that’s going to change too much.  I’m still planning to post my usual year-end stuff (even though it’s February). Those posts will come soon. In the meantime, I bring you reviews of the Oscar-nominated short films beginning with animation. Continue reading

Big Bangs – Top 20 Movie Explosions


Here’s a list I made for no reason other than it is fun to see shit blow up real good. I’ll keep my explaining to a minimum and let the fireballs do most of the talking. Continue reading

All the Captain’s Men – “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Review


The greatest success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the realization of Captain America on the big screen. Continue reading

Bryan’s 2013 Awards


Here’s one final look back at the movies of 2013. I’ve already gone over my top ten movies, my top ten trailers, and my top 20 posters. Now I’m handing out my awards and nominations for the previous year. Continue reading

Bryan’s Top Ten Movies of 2013


Still wondering what the best films of 2013 were? No? Oh…well…here’s my list anyways. Yay! Continue reading

Bryan’s 2014 Oscar Predictions


Best Picture is closer than it has been in years, and at the same time many categories have been sewn up since October. Continue reading

2014 Oscars – Best Foreign Language Film

The Missing Picture

I reviewed The Hunt when it was released. Here’s a look at the other 4 nominees. Continue reading

2014 Oscars – Ernest & Celestine


In the absolutely charming universe of Ernest & Celestine, bears are the dominate species and live above ground. Meanwhile, mice dwell in elaborate underworld cities. Continue reading

2014 Oscars – Documentary Shorts


Here are reviews of all 5 nominees for Best Documentary Short. Continue reading

R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman


I don’t usually do this. This site has never really trafficked in news. But yesterday I was in such a stupor that I felt compelled to put up something, however small or meaningless, to honor a man I loved. You can be cynical if you want or say he was just an actor. I don’t care. Philip Seymour Hoffman mattered to me, and he mattered to my friends.

I don’t know what else to say. I feel sorry for his loved ones. This hurts. He will be missed.

2014 Oscars – Live Action Shorts


Here are reviews of all 5 nominees for Best Live Action Short. Continue reading